Readers may be interested in some of the comments we have received over the recent past from clients and from continuing legal education conference organizers and attendees:

Professional and Client Testimonials - -

- “I'm reading your "fascinating book" [3rd Edition Asset Protection Planning Guide]. Best education I've received since graduate school.” – (Colorado prospective client)

-  "Each and everyone of us who derive our livelihood from the offshore trust industry owe an tremendous debt of gratitude to Barry Engel. Without Barry's vision and continued efforts to develop and maintain the integrity of the industry, it wouldn't have achieved the degree of respect it has…."  (Newport Beach, CA attorney)

-  "Barry, [I] simply love your team.  What client service!!  Too bad you don't do general legal work.  We'd give you everything we've got."  (Client based in California)

-  "Asset protection planning began to develop as a stand-alone area of the law in the late 1970s. It began coming into prominence in the late 1980s, with the advent and the marketing of offshore asset protection trusts. Colorado attorney Barry Engel is credited with the introduction of that concept and the development of asset protection trust law statutes in the Cook Islands."  (Wikipedia, "Asset Protection/History")

-  "This was excellent!!!  The best newsletter I have read in 10 years!!!!!  Thank you!" [in reference to Engel Law pc's January 29, 2016 annual correspondence to clients]  (CPA based in central U.S.)

-  "When I met Barry Engel I was in the big strong world of Congress, the IRS, foreign governments and mega-corporations. [Then] I had a date with one evil client - my only one in a lifetime. It's good and good luck to have a friend like Barry Engel!" (South African client)

-  "Barry, You are a calm, considerate, and very talented attorney that knows how to handle difficult situations and people.  I was just happy you were on my side.  Please keep in touch and let me know that you are doing well.  Thank you again.  It was a pleasure working with you." (Professional intermediary from the western U.S.)

- "The only reason we are being offered a reduced settlement is because of the structure and reduced liklihood that they can collect any 'substantial' money from us."  (Client based in western U.S.)

-  "I do not think we have ever thanked you ...for setting up our trust system. I am not sure how many $ we saved over the years."  (Client based in eastern U.S.)

-  "The Planning gave me the steel nerves to negotiate a better settlement."  (Client based in eastern U.S.)

-  "Barry, I want to thank you for your willingness to assist on this matter [as an expert witness] and for all of the time and effort you put forth in preparation of your affidavit and for the deposition.  Best wishes for your continued success. You are a super lawyer and your recognition as such is well deserved."   (Client's Albuquerque-based attorney)

-  "We came out very well and we walked away with small amounts having to be paid.  $7 million settled for $125,000.00.  On the other buildings, we were able to settle very favorably too.  The only reason we were able to do this is because of you and the Cook Islands one wants to deal with the CI trust - they don't want to deal with it, they don't understand it, Cook Islands scares them.  This trust has helped me beyond belief.  You saved my a**.  Whatever you did, I appreciate it."   (20+ year real estate client based in the midwest)

-  "You certainly held my parents' hands through all of this, and it all came out much better than it otherwise would have."  (Son of clients in northwest)

-  "It's the insurance you can't buy."  (California-based client)

-  "Barry, you saved my client. It is because of you that he is able to enjoy the [lifestyle he has] today."  (Attorney in Arizona)

-   “Having the offshore trust kept the wolves at bay.”  (Physician client from Midwest)

-  "The lenders agreed that the Cook Islands trust assets are off the table as far as being available to those creditors.  They reason that the trust was clearly set up well in advance of the current issues."  (Real estate client in California)

-  "Dear Barry - I can't thank you enough for the support (legal and emotional) that you have given us this past month. Its amazing how quickly what seemed to be a small issue becomes so threatening over night. How in a blink it can cause such financial and physical stress. Your support and steadiness brings a calm to us and leaves the door open for our belief in justice (which we certainly have not seen or felt for years and years)."  (Client from western U.S.)

-  "People without an asset protection plan have no idea what can come at them.  These are extraordinarily powerful tools, thank you, thank you, thank you.  If you ever need a testimonial, I am it."  (Attorney client based in Nevada)

-  “Thanks to you and your group we feel as if we have been covered as well as possible over the years…if you ever need a reference you have it."   (20+ year client in California)

-  “I am lucky to have the plan I put in place 10 years ago. What I have seen lately is a great case study in favor of asset protection and foreign trusts. You guys did a great thing for me.”   (Client based in New York)

-  “Barry, because of you, I was able to settle on $20m in personal guarantees by paying $250,000.00 and the attorney fees involved.  The mediator told the other side in one settlement conference that they “did not want to take on Engel and his planning” and that I have "Engel and his team on my side, and they are smarter than you guys.”   (15+ year real estate client based in the west) 

-  "As I noted, the case I had involving a foreign asset protection trust convinced me that these are very effective tools. Even under the most unfortunate and difficult circumstances, the trust stiIl caused tremendous headaches for the creditor and ultimately resulted in a settlement for less than the full amount of principal and interest owed. As the debtor/settlor was also liable under the notes for legal fees (which probably amounted to several hundred thousands of dollars), and was also exposed to other claims...I consider this to be a substantial benefit for him."  (Litigation counsel for a Midwestern-based client)

-  "[T]hroughout litigation] the family trusts remained apart from my personal estate due to careful estate planning six years prior to the litigation...the planning was successful."  (Client from eastern U.S.) 

-  "We do appreciate the comfort your services provide."  (Rocky Mountain region client)

-  "We truly appreciate the great work you and your firm have done for our family."  (Client from eastern U.S.)

-  "Barry is the best in the business."  (Chicago CPA)

-  "Barry is the guru on asset protection."  (Queen's Counsel, London)

"The law firm wishes to acknowledge the exceptional work performed by...[Barry Engel and others] for their contributions in the outcome reached in this case."  (Western U.S. law firm)

-  "The Cook Islands trust helped my clients sleep for many many years...."  (Attorney for mutual clients from the eastern U.S.)

-  "For the past 20+ years, and due to the foresight of Denver, CO lawyer and asset protection expert, Barry Engel, the Cook Islands emerged as the premier trust jurisdiction to establish asset protection trusts for superior firewall protection."  (Attorney practicing in Southern California)

-  "The planning you did for me has withstood the test of time.  When I go back and look at everything we did, I certainly accomplished the myriad of things I set out to achieve." (East Coast-based client)

Professional Conference Testimonials - -

-  "I have continued to receive great reviews about yesterday's presentation [by you, Barry], from several different attendees.  Indeed, someone at lunch today asked me if/when you would be able to speak to our chapter next.  Along these lines, I just wanted to thank you, again, for all your consideration and for agreeing to present to [us] (let alone doing such an amazing job).  You were the largest draw that we've had so far and it was well deserved. (Conference Chair, Western-State CLE Conference)

-  "Barry, Thank you for your excellent presentation today at the STEP lunch.  I have enjoyed hearing you speak several times over the years, and it was good to hear some of the recent developments in asset protection.  We look forward to having you back in Las Vegas at some future time." - (Law Vegas Attorney, Attended at STEP Nevada Conference)

-  "First panelist (Garland) was very clear in distilling highlights/changes in UVTA, both in his presentation and in his materials."  (STEP Newport Beach, CA attendee)

-  "...a big Thank You to You!  It was a fantastic presentation.  You were able to simplify complexity!  I received many positive comments about your and Barry's presentation." (STEP Silicon Valley Conference Organizer)

-  "I just completed listening to your Celesq CLE program about ethics and asset protection.  Thanks for an excellent presentation."  (San Diego attorney)

-  "Thank you so much for coming to the Bar [meeting] to speak at last week’s CLE. It was an interesting and very well presented topic, and attendees’ course evaluations reflect that."  (Local Director of Continuing Legal Education)

-  "As we plan our program schedule each year, we take great care in finding experts in the field of estate planning. We certainly do appreciate your time, enthusiasm, and expertise, and want to acknowledge how important your role was in making our meeting informative and engaging. We recieved considerable positive feedback following your presentation. We truly appreciate it when someone with such a depth of knowledge and a great reputation comes to share with the members!"  (Attorney and Program Chair of an estate planning council in the southwest)

-  "Expertise of the presenters is the best aspect of the program."  (Attorney)

-  "Incredibly well-prepared speakers and excellent program organization."  (Attorney)

-  "Barry, you were received very well. You are a generous and inspiring speaker.  Thanks again for sharing your talents and knowledge with us."  (CLE Conference Organizer)

-  "Barry Engel was very good, clear and understandable."  (Attorney)

-  "Enjoyed the humor."  (Attorney)

-  "Excellent all around."  (Attorney)

-  "Thank you - I loved the presentation!"  (OffshoreAlert Conference Attendee, May 2013)

-  "Thank you Barry.  Best presentation all year."  (Los Angeles Estate Planning Council meeting Attendee, April 2014)

-  "The speakers were excellent, no negative feedback at all." (CLE International Attendee, September 2015)

- "Materials are A+ + +. Overall, great CLE!" (CLE International Attendee, September 2015)


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